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ICHIBUNS brings to life a unique era of Japan a distinct time when Japanese society embraced American influences known as the Shōwa era.

Fast food & iconic American brands influenced this historical period, which gave rise to a generation that adored western fashion, rock’n’roll and fast food.

ICHIBUNS brings to life inspiration from
Japan’s age of reinvention and creativity.

This iconic time captured ICHIBUNS founder
Robin Leigh, during his countless trips to Japan. Tokyo’s immensely diverse food culture particularly their unique take on western food (“yōshoku”, western fare) sparked the idea to introduce this Japanese subculture to London.

The taste of ICHIBUNS an iconic Japanese style Rock & Roll Burger & Sushi restaurant serving delicious ICHIBUNS Japanese style Burgers,
Sushi, homemade Udon noodles, thin crusted Pizza and Izakaya snacks.

ICHIBUNS is returning

Awards: Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2018
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